Good luck and a reminder

Just a quick note to remind you that your assessment all needs to be finalised by 11.59pm Sunday night.

You need to

  • Submit A3 grant application
  • Submit your final blog posts on your learning in the unit (prompt on the Week 13 page)
  • Finish polishing up your blog posts
  • Get commenting on your peers’ posts before Clare assesses your contribution to the learning community!

Please remember you will not get a confirmation when you submit your A3 using DropItToMe but don’t panic! It always works! And if there are any issues, I’ll email you about it on Monday.

I won’t be working over the weekend (a rare weekend off!) but if you have any last minute dramas, the best way to get in touch is Twitter. I’ll respond if I catch any notifications.

All the best with the final push guys!


  • Chloe Delaney

    hi @admin just checking that there’s no actual ‘submit’ button in dropittome? I couldn’t find anything but it appears to have uploaded.


    • Kate

      That’s correct. I’ll let you know if there are any problems once I finish processing the files.

    • Kate

      Nope, your work here is done! (But you can if you like!)

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