Got questions about the CLA Toolkit?

A few of you have mentioned you are having difficulties with the CLA Toolkit.

If that’s you, please shoot an email to Kirsty and Zak at and┬á

Please give them as many details as you can, including:

  • your email address
  • the username you created (if you know it)
  • a link to your profile on the unit site (to retrieve this, go to the student directory and find your name, then click on it to open your profile and copy the URL).


  • Kaz Wolf

    Kristy and Zak were great! I got logged in but none of my social media content has downloaded over the course of the semester. I’ll check in again tomoz as downloads happen overnight…though am a tad perturbed as I can’t figure out why a download would not have occurred across the entire semester and yet will occur tonight. Magic, perhaps. Time will tell.

    • Kate

      They are pretty magic at the tech so fingers crossed! Zak just sent an email you might want to take a look at too!

  • Helen Treherne

    I’ve managed to get in to the CLA Toolkit too in Week 13 – and have seen the data generated from my activity during the semester.

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