Happy break! And some important announcements

Happy break guys! (Though I’m sure you are all working on assessment…)

There are a few things I wanted to bring to your attention.

Assignment 2 due Sunday

Firstly, as you are no doubt aware, Assignment 2 is due this Sunday at 11.59pm. Submission instructions are on the Assignment 2 page.

Please approve your peers’ comments

Yesterday, Stephanie tweeted something that I want to highlight:

Your peers will be commenting on your posts as part of their participation in the learning community. It’s your job to make sure you approve their comments and respond to them. Nothing kills conversation faster than an unapproved comment!

Please make sure you are logging in to your dashboard and approving comments regularly – preferably daily. You can always get to the comments page on your dashboard by going to My sites[Your site name] > Manage comments.


You may have turned comment moderation off, but this doesn’t seem to be working across all blogs and I can’t seem to resolve it. So that means you need to make sure you are checking for comments, even if you have turned comment moderation off.

What’s the difference between purpose, aims and objectives?

Michele asked a very good question on the Assignment 2 and 3 page and I wanted to just briefly address it here. She was wondering what the difference is between purpose, aims and objectives. It’s a bit confusing because these terms are often used interchangeably. Here’s the short answer.

A purpose statement is a broad statement of… well, purpose. (It’s hard to think of another way to say it!) This is where you broadly state what your product, program or service is designed to do, address, or be.

Aims are more specific and address particular aspects of the purpose. They are useful when your purpose statement is very big or broad, to break it down into chunks.

Objectives are the things you need to achieve in order to realise the aims. Objectives should be practical and measurable. We often evaluate programs, products and services against objectives.

In practice, we would be happy for you to articulate:

  • Purpose, aims and objectives
  • Purpose and objectives
  • Aims and objectives

It’s okay if you don’t articulate all three.

If you’re unsure of how this might look in your application, take a look at the example assignment (noting the example is for a proposal, not a grant application, so the task was a bit different).

Return of Assignment 1 marks

We are almost ready to return your Assignment 1 marks. I should be able to get these back to you tomorrow. We’re just finalising last details.

Clare and my availability this weekend

Please note Clare and I will have limited availability this weekend. We both have work events on and will not be at our computers. Please make sure you plan ahead and post any questions you have about the assignment by 5pm Friday so I can respond Friday night.

If you have any last minute issues with the submission instructions, please just email us the file as a backup.


  • Stephanie Harland

    Thanks for addressing my question, Kate! Also, I was wondering how you’ll be sending us our results? Do we check our emails?

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