Here comes checkpoint 1! Polishing your posts and details on submitting

[Update 7 September: I inadvertently mentioned quizzes at the end of this post. We had quizzes last year but we don’t this year. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!]

The first checkpoint for A1 is Sunday night, so I thought this would be a good time to review some key information about the assignment.

Please read the following information carefully and ask any questions you have in the comments.

Due date

You must have everything done by 11.59pm Sunday 11 September.

Clare will mark posts as she finds them when she visits your blogs.

What you need to do by Sunday

All students need to have completed the Week 2 post.

You should also have completed posts in Weeks 3, 6 and 7, unless you have used your ‘get out of jail free card’ for one of those posts, in which case you need to put a post up indicating that.

Polishing up your posts

You should be thinking about polishing up your blog posts ready for submission.

There are a number of pieces of content already on the site that will help you with this task. You can find them all from the Assignment 1 page.

But to help you with your polishing, here are five questions you should ask about each of your posts.

Five questions to ask yourself about each of your posts

1. Have I written to topic?

It seems pretty obvious, but it’s easy to go off on a tangent if you don’t keep the topic at the front of your mind. Check that you’ve actually written about the week’s topic.

2. Have I supported my opinions or arguments with evidence?

Your opinion is a critical component of the posts – we want to hear your thoughts and your opinions. But you also need to give evidence. Evidence should not be limited to your own anecdotal experience. At a minimum it should be informed by the learning resources we make available. To achieve the best result it should also be supported by examples or theory sourced from your own independent research.

3. Have I given credit where it’s due?

Cite or attribute other people’s material in your posts. Posts without any citation or attribution

  1. fail to show evidence
  2. miss the opportunity to showcase knowledge of the topic and engagement with the learning resources
  3. fail to take advantage of the medium (ie using links)
  4. potentially represent academic dishonesty.

Check out the information on attribution if you are unsure about how to attribute ideas and work without an APA reference list.

4. Is my post well structured?

Your posts don’t have to be formal, but they should still have structure. There should be a central theory or idea or ‘thesis’ that gives it direction. Each paragraph should focus on one idea and lead into the next.

5. Has someone proofread my post?

I say ‘someone’, because ideally you should get someone else – not you! – to proofread your posts to make sure they are nice and tidy. It’s easy to miss mistakes in your own work.

Tag your posts

Please add tags to your posts to help Clare keep track of your activities.

We’d appreciate it if you could use the exact tags we’ve listed below, but you should also add any other descriptive tags you think are useful.

Add one tag for the topic:

  • Learning community
  • Reference
  • Reading and literacy
  • Information and digital literacy

Add one tag for the week:

  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 6
  • Week 7

For your Twitter chat, program review and service review posts, please tag the post accordingly. Add one tag for these activity types

  • Twitter chat
  • Service review
  • Program review


You don’t need to do anything to ‘submit’ for this checkpoint. Just make sure you’ve completed all your posts the activities and quizzes by 11.59pm Sunday. Clare will head to your blogs to find and mark your posts.

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