Important notes from last night’s class

I have quite a few updates for you following on from last night’s class.

Extension on A2

In last night’s class I said we’d give you a one week extension on Assignment 2 and that I’d confirm that by writing a blog post. So here’s the post!

A2 will now be due on Sunday 2 October at 11.59pm. I’ve updated the schedule on the A2 page.

Finding a group for A2/A3

If you are looking for a partner or group for A2/A3, you need to make a move on this now.

To find a partner, post on your blog and let your peers know what your expectations are for the assignment: what grade you’re hoping to get, what topic area you want to work on etc. You should also tweet the link to this post using the unit hashtag #ifn614 to help you connect with your peers.

If you do not have a partner or group by Monday, at ourĀ A2 assignment clinic class, we will assign you a partner or group. But please don’t wait. It’s much better for you to find your own partner.

VideosĀ coming…

I owe you a few videos…

  • Design thinking debrief
  • Overview of A2 and A3
  • Proposal writing lecture, which we didn’t get through last night

I am working on these and will have them up by end of day tomorrow. I’ll post to the blog when they are available.

Next week’s happenings

Next week we have a Twitter chat from 6pm to 7pm. In addition to that, we have an online only class from 7.15pm in which you will all have the opportunity to give a 1 to 2 minute overview of what you are planning to propose in your grant application. Please make sure you’re prepared to talk about your ideas, no matter how nebulous! It’s a good opportunity for feedback.

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