New content on the site and clarification about innovation in A2 & A3

Alrighty, have I got some stuff for you!

I have posted a whole lot of new content on the site, as promised. I’m going to repost it all here for ease of access, too. I also want to address the topic of innovation in A2 and A3.

Here goes!

Writing proposals lecture

I’ve posted the recording of last year’s writing proposals lecture. This is a really important piece of content in terms of A2 and A3 in particular, because it covers how you might present things like budgets and risk assessments. Please watch it! And let me know if you have any questions.

Writing proposals handout

This handout covers key differences between proposals and reports, and since proposals and grant applications are similar in tone, it might be useful for A2 and A3. You might also like to hold onto it for later because it contains links to some of my favourite proposal templates from around the web (yes, I am enough of a geek that I have favourite proposal templates).

Design thinking debrief lecture

Last year’s design thinking activity debrief is also up for you to watch. Let me know if you have any questions.

Short overview of A2 and A3

This video focuses on the background to the two assignments but particularly on A2. We’ll go through more of the nuts and bolts for A3 once you get your A2 marks back.

New versions of A2 and A3 forms

While I was making the overview video, I noticed dates needed updating in the EOI and grant application forms, and that there was only space to list two group members. I’ve fixed these things and reuploaded the forms. Grab the news ones:

Innovation in A2 and A3

The other night, I was asked if there was a requirement to do something new or innovative in A2/A3. I said no, but when I took another look at the forms I realised that there is actually a grant assessment criteria related to innovation. I talk about this in the video overview, but in short, you still don’t have to do something completely new and innovative. For example, you can still take something that’s been done in another context and make an argument for it to be done in a different context. Innovative doesn’t have to mean completely new. You can still adapt and build on what others have done.

Ok, I think that’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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