Welcome to Week 12!

Happy second last Monday of the semester!

This week we are looking at programs, products and services for children and teens.

Tonight we have a Twitter chat jam packed with Twitter chat champions, so it promises to be a good one.

This week you also have a blog post to write on… you guessed it! Children and teens!

As we head toward the end of semester, I wanted to draw your attention to the unit schedule and remind you to check upcoming due dates. Here’s a run down on what you have due in the coming weeks.

  • Sunday 23 October: Week 12 post on children and teens
  • Sunday 30 October: Week 13 post on culture and pop culture
  • Sunday 6 November: Wrap up and reflection on your learning blog post
  • Sunday 6 November: Grant application

The prompt for your wrap up / reflection on your learning post will be made available on Monday 24 October, so keep an eye out for that. You’ll find it on the Week 13 page when it goes up.

Over the next couple of weekends, I will be unavailable – I have some deadlines that mean I’ll be head down. Please plan ahead so you can get your questions answered by Friday because I can’t guarantee I’ll see your questions over the weekends.

Next Monday night, we have both a Twitter chat and an online class. Please note this in your diary. The class will focus on bringing together all the threads of our discussions across the semester, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about remaining assessment.

Lastly, please make sure you are spending time reading and commenting on your peers’ blog posts and engaging in discussions on Twitter. Clare will be marking your contribution to the learning community at the second checkpoint, when she marks your remaining blog posts.

Have a great week guys!

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