Assignment 2 & 3: EOI and grant application

Assignment 2 Expression of interest

To be conducted In pairs or groups of three
Length 1000 words
Weighting 10%
Submission method
  • Sign up your group
  • Download and complete the expression of interest form
  • Compile a reference list in a separate document
  • Name your files:
    • Form: [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-2-EOI-Surname-Firstname-Surname2-Firstname2-Surname3-Firstname3.docx
    • Reference list: [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-2-EOI-Reference-list-Surname-Firstname-Surname2-Firstname2-Surname3-Firstname3.docx
  • Submit your form and reference list via DropItToMe (password: eoi)
Due date Break – Sunday 2 October, 11.59pm
Criteria Criteria sheets
Sign up Sign up your group

Assignment 3 Grant application

To be conducted In pairs or groups of three
  1. Completed grant application form (group or individual)
  2. Reflection on learning and self allocation of grade (group or individual)
  1. Grant application: Maximum 2750 words
  2. Reflection on learning: 500 words
Weighting 40%
Submission method Note: There are two separate submission links – one for the application, and one for the reflection. Grant application

  • Download and complete the grant application form
  • Name your files
    • Form: [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-3-Grant-application-form-Surname-Firstname-Surname2-Firstname2-Surname3-Firstname3.docx
    • Reference list: [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-3-Grant-application-Reference-list-Surname-Firstname-Surname2-Firstname2-Surname3-Firstname3.docx
  • Submit the form and reference list via DropItToMe (password: app)

Reflective discussion

  • Each team member should submit their reflection via DropItToMe (password: reflect)
  • Name your file: [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-3-Reflection-Surname-Firstname.docx
Due date Week 14 – Sunday 6 November, 11.59pm
Criteria Criteria sheets
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Example There is an example proposal from the precursor for this unit for you to review. Note it was not the same assignment, but you may wish to look at parts of this example for inspiration – particularly the budget and risk management matrix. More information.

Resources to help with the assignment

Video overview (focused on A2)


Assignment 2 and 3 have been designed to bring together the theoretical and practical aspects of the unit. In these two linked assignments, you will design a program, product or service and write a grant application to allow you to seek funding for the project.

In arts organisations and cultural institutions, external funding sources are often used to allow organisations to develop services, products and programs they would otherwise be unable to develop. Grants are also used for infrastructure and sought out for collecting projects.


This assignment has two aims:

  1. To allow you to put together the theory and practice through design of a product, program or service, and thereby to help you develop in depth knowledge related to a particular type of program, product and service.
  2. To give you experience with writing an application for funding.

Funding body

While the requirements are a mishmash of the application fields for State Library of New South Wales’ public library grants and QUT’s Engagement Innovation Grants, you get to pick the funding body for your application as appropriate for the type of organisation you are situating your project in. For a Queensland public library, you might choose SLQ as the funding body, or maybe the Gates Foundation. The choice is yours, but the application requirements remain the same regardless. You’ll need to take the strategic goals of the funding body into account when you prepare your application.

Detailed requirements: A2 Expression of interest

Within organisations, expressions of interest are often sought from groups who intend to submit a full application for a grant. In this assignment, you will complete an expression of interest in order to receive interim feedback on the program, product or service you will focus on in Assignment 3.

You will complete an online form providing the following information about your proposed project:

  1. Project title (50 words maximum)
  2. Project purpose, aims, objectives and anticipated benefits (500 words maximum)
  3. Project overview (500 words maximum)

Submit a reference list in APA format as a separate file.

The content from this assignment can be used in Assignment 3.

Detailed requirements: A3 Grant application

In this assignment, you will prepare a grant application for a product, program or service that meets the needs of a specific user group.

Part A: Grant application (group or individual)

Project description (1000 words)

  • Project title (50 words maximum)
  • Organisation
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Project purpose, aims, objectives and anticipated benefits (500 words maximum)
  • Project overview (500 words maximum)

Project plan (approx 500 words excluding tables)

  • Proposed start date of the project
  • Anticipated finish date for your project
  • Project team and responsibilities
  • Project timeline: state each project activity, responsibility and timeframe (presented in a table; no word limit)
  • Budget:
    • As accurately as possible, identify major costs of the project (include component, justification and amount) (no word limit)
    • Provide explanatory notes on the budget if required (250 words maximum)
  • Identify major risks, likelihood, impact and mitigation strategies (no word limit)
  • Provide an overview of how the project will be evaluated and benefits measured (250 words maximum)

Assessment criteria (1250 words)

In this section, you must demonstrate how your project meets the assessment criteria for applications.

  • Describe how the project will meet specific needs of the community (250 words maximum)
  • Identify and describe broader community benefit (250 words maximum)
Strategic alignment
  • Describe alignment to the organisation’s mission and strategic priorities (250 words maximum)
  • Describe alignment to funding organisation’s strategic priorities (250 words maximum)
  • Describe how the project is innovative in its concept or idea, design, delivery or content (250 words maximum)


  • Include a reference list as a separate document

Part B: Reflection on learning (individual or group)

Your reflective discussion should consider what you have learnt from this assignment and review the quality of your work. You should also reflect on the team work process and experience. You should consider the strengths and weakness of the work, by referring to the marking criteria provided for the assignment. Do you feel this piece of work is representative of your abilities? Some questions to prompt you may be:

  • What was the thing you thought you did best in this assignment?
  • What was the thing you thought you did least well in this assignment?
  • What did you find the hardest part of this assignment?
  • What was the most important thing you learned doing this assignment?

Your reflection should be approximately 500 words long.


  • Karen Parker

    I’m not sure what “u00a0 ” means? It appears in several places on this page. Also “organisationu2019s”?

    • Kate

      That is a bit of code that has snuck its way onto the page – you shouldn’t be seeing it at all. It’s a code for a particular character. I thought I caught them all but I’ll get in and edit the others out now.

      • Karen Parker

        Thanks Kate. I thought it might be a typo, but wasn’t sure if it was lingo I wasn’t familiar with. I only just learnt what “tl:dr” and “tl:dw” means. Thanks for link to urban dictionary 🙂

  • Karina Rivett

    How are we forming our groups? Is there a page where we can find group members or anything like that?

    • Kate

      Not yet. We’ll help you to start making connections in the next couple of weeks, once we introduced the assignment.

  • Anitra

    Hi Kate, thank you for such a detailed assignment . Just a quick question please, the Smallwood book is not available at Qut ! I have requested by Bonus so fingers crossed … There are book reviews in qut library only. Anitra

    • Kate

      Hmmm… It used to be… Let me see if I can get them to arrange an eBook copy. I’ll get back to you!

  • Michele Smith

    Hi Kate, I downloaded the EOI and Grant application from the links above to have a look at, and it looks like both files are the EOI template.

  • Michele Smith

    Hi Kate, the EOI template asks for “purpose”, “aims” and “objectives” of the project in the Project Description section. I looked up “purpose” and “aims” to differentiate between them, and most sources treat “purpose” and “aims” synonymously. I am a bit confused as to how or if to differentiate between “purpose” and “aims”. In your “Writing proposals” lecture that I watched yesterday, you only listed “purpose” and “objectives”, not “purpose”, “aims” and “objectives”. I am not sure how to get the 3 levels of goal setting asked for in the EOI. Can I treat “purpose” AND “aims” as purpose/aims? I hope that makes sense.

  • Michele Smith

    Not to worry, Kate. I ended up doing a big overarching purpose; then got down to a number of broad aims for the project, then got more specific objectives out of the aims. Because when I started to think about it at the project level (rather than just program level), there were additional aims I could think of, besides simply the implementation of a digital literacy program; e.g. there was program development, community engagement, community partnerships, and provision of resources; and I could then get more specific objectives out of each aim. I hope that’s right.

    • Kate

      That’s pretty much it!

      I’m sorry for the slow reply – I wanted to write a whole blog post on this, and I’ll still try to do that today.

  • Imbi

    If we’re focusing on Brisbane City Council as the organisation, and State Library as the funding body, can we name a specific branch of Brisbane libraries to start the program at? Because I’m guessing we’ll need to use statistics from a suburb profile to justify why the program fulfils a user need and we can’t do this for the whole of Brisbane can we? Or can we? I’m just confused because I figure the program will be designed to be implemented across Queensland (like First 5 Forever), but is that how we look at it for this assignment? Thanks 🙂

    • Kate

      Yup, you can pick a specific branch, that’s fine!

  • Anitra

    Hi Kate quick question The library service manager & project lead in the Eoi – is this a made up name or us . Thanks for the feedback ! Anitra

    • Kate

      You can make up the manager’s name but the lead should be one of the members of your team.

  • Tim Tillack

    Hi Kate,

    There is no mention of the referencing requirements in your short video. Can you please give a quick overview of what is expected with referencing for the EOI, and whether we need to use APA referencing style in that document. As much guidance here would be appreciated.


    • Kate

      Hey Tim, you should supply an APA reference list as a separate document. There are instructions on how submit this at the top of the assignment page.

  • Ibtisam

    Hi Kate,
    I have sent these questions for you and Clare but I haven’t received your answers yet, maybe you are very busy because of assignment 1 marking, so I thought it will good idea to send them here.

    1- Library service = the name of the library or the name of the service or program? Or both? (e.g: adult literacy program in Logan city council library)
    2. if I am working individually, Should I delete the rest of details of other members?
    3. Do we need to describe the user group and analyse its needs in EOI?
    Or in this stage we just need to determine the user group and in the Grant Application will analyse their needs?
    4. Using the literature in this stage will be through project overview only? Or somewhere else in EOI?
    5. Is it possible that I propose a service or program which is already exist on that library or it has similar one?

    Thanks in advance.
    Your answers will be appreciated.

    • Kate

      I’ve responded now via email. Sorry for the delay!

  • Helen Treherne

    Is there any confirmation of the dropittome submission – I did not see a ‘submit’ key – only an upload, and a tick at the right side of the screen. Is this all that is needed?

    • Kate

      That’s all that’s needed. If there’s any problem with your submission, we’ll contact you when I empty the Dropittome box early next week.

  • Bec

    Hey Kate and Clare, for the reflective component of a3, can we choose to do individual reflections of 500 words each?

    • Kate

      Yup! Either individual or group reflections are fine.

  • Bec

    Hi Kate and Clare, just have a question about the assessment criteria section of the report.
    “In this section, you must demonstrate how your project meets the assessment criteria for applications.”
    I feel a bit silly, but which assessment criteria for applications are you talking about? The one specific to the funding body we’re applying to? (eg SLQ?)

    • Kate

      Hey Bec, nothing to feel silly about! This refers to the application assessment criteria. In the real world, these are the criteria set by the funding body against which they assess all applications. Ours appear on this page under the heading “Assessment criteria (1250 words)”, about half way down the page.

  • Helen Treherne

    Hi Kate and Clare, Just double checking the naming of the file for reference – is it to be headed [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-2-Grant-application-Reference-list-Surname-Firstname-Surname2-Firstname2-Surname3-Firstname3.docx
    as an extension of Assignment 2? as shown on the Assignment 3 template?

    • Kate

      Hi Helen, go with [2016-S2-IFN614] Assignment-3-Grant-application-Reference-list-Surname-Firstname-Surname2-Firstname2-Surname3-Firstname3.docx

      Sorry about the typo!

      • Ali

        Hi kate, I just wanna ask you when you will release the final marks ?
        I don’t know if it will appear here or blackboard ?


        • Kate

          Hi Ali

          I’ll be emailing your assignments back in the next day or two.


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