Example for Assignment 2 and 3

A few of you pointed out the link for the example assignment was broken… And that is because it linked to a blog post on last year’s sight. Ooops, and sorry!

So here is a replacement post…

I’m not a big fan of example assignments because I think they can limit creativity, so I’m providing this one with a great big caveat: please don’t let this limit your thinking! I’m also not providing an example of the exact assignment, because this assignment is prescriptive in some ways and my experience is it’s best not to use an exact example for this type of assignment.

So here is the example [Word].

I want to stress that this was a different assignment. It was much more detailed, and was an internal proposal rather than a grant application. But it is a very good example of a well thought through proposal.

I recommend looking at the sections that are similar to those you will need to include in your grant – including the budget and risk management strategy.

Note in particular you do not have as much space to cover background.

Incidentally, this is a good example of how you can turn your assignment work into a publication. This proposal was reworked into an article in Australian Library Journal:

Henry, K., Lagos, A., & Berndt, F. (2012). Bridging the literacy gap between boys and girls: An opportunity for the national year of reading 2012. Australian Library Journal, 61(2), 143-150.

We’ll be working through how to design and develop proposals for programs, products and services in class in Week 8.

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