We’ve made links easier to spot

We had some feedback that links were hard to spot around the site, so we’ve changed links so that now all links – even headings that are links – are blue and underlined. It’s not particularly pretty but we think it will make it easier for you to spot text links.

Change your blog’s theme

I’ve just installed a bunch of themes that you can choose from to customise the look and feel of your blog. There’s a limited number of them there (20-something) but I’m happy to install any theme you would like to use. You can see what themes are available for WordPress on the WordPress site. If […]

Welcome to Semester 2!

Hooray! We’re away! My name is Kate, and I’m the Unit Coordinator for IFN614 Information Programs. You might also see me in other units this semester, including IFN600 and IFN617. You can read more about me on the Staff page – and you can read about my colleague Clare, who will be joining us as our […]