Week14: Wrap up & Reflection

Part 1 — My Contribution to Our Learning Community

I feel that I played the role of active learner which brought about positive changes in me according to the learning environment requirements. I think I have been very active and interested to read some of the member’s weekly post to get more information about different topics. Also I was very active in commenting on other’s blog posts and replied when fellow students made comment on my posts. I think that I learnt a lot from my involvement in this unit’s learning community.I made more than 35 comments on my peers’ posts.

Factors that influenced me to comment on posts by my peers were quality of their work the fact these posts gave me relevant and important information about the topic. Secondly a good number of helpful comments positively encouraged my participation in our learning community. The teaching team gave marks rewarding the number of comments and extent of our participation.

The trends in my behaviour were: I did not miss any activity to post to my blog. Whenever the teaching team posted information to write about activities, which were ungraded, I wrote and posted them on my blog without delay. I tried to make at least 2 comments per week and some weeks comments were more than 2.I wrote mostly about topics such as: student information literacy; referencing; library makerspaces; design of community outreach programs; library and information products and services, and also about pop culture.

I think my comments added value to my peer’s blog posts as sometimes I would pose questions about that and related topics. I had a number of active and meaningful participations in numerous different discussions with different member’s blog posts.Being shy by nature in the beginning it was a bit awkward for me to participate in active, robust way in the learning community, however once I got used to the style of interaction. I really enjoyed blogging.

I did need to slightly modify my attitude to try and overcome my instinctively shy behaviour to allow me to fully engage in this unit. I am from a different study and cultural background (Punjab, India). I am now quite comfortable and happy about that change in my behaviour.

Part 2 — My Use of Twitter / Interactions on Twitter

At the start of the semester, it was completely new thing for me to use Twitter. When Twitter chat first started, I just looked at other people’s and the teaching teams Twitter posts. I was not confident to post my answer in Twitter chat but I really appreciated how the teaching team kept posting instruction how to engage with Twitter chat. Now at the end of the semester, I feel like it is not very difficult to chat on Twitter and it is a very interesting way to share our opinions on different topics and know other’s thoughts on that same topic. This is a very engaging and interesting way for me to discuss different questions.

Yes, I did have some concerns about using Twitter as I did not know the #tags. I needed extra help to learn how to post my answers to the Twitter feed. With the extra instruction provided by my great teaching team I learnt how and now I am feeling quiet confident to use it in the future. Now I feel it is very easy.I really enjoyed using Twitter. I am very happy now that I successfully learnt how to engage with Twitter. It is very quick and easy way to discuss any topic and get instant feedback on that topic.I really liked the Twitter chat but unfortunately I was a bit slow off the mark to engage in Twitter chat. This was due to my lack of understanding how to use it the best and most effective way. Now I really do think that Twitter chats aided my learning. The most important thing was that I learnt to use Twitter effectively.

I do not use Twitter much outside the scheduled Twitter chats because most of the time I prefer to use other social media tools such as Facebook and WhatsApp. I do not feel I need to use Twitter often because most of the time I am busy with my study and my work and do not get enough time to engage with the medium. As I found it very interesting way to communicate and discuss things, I’ll definitely use Twitter more in future.Yes, using Twitter in the unit created the confidence in me to use it in future for communicating with my friends and also in my professional / work roles.

Part 3 — My Learnings from this Unit

There are many significant aspects of the teaching and learning in this unit that were very beneficial for me, such as the well-planned teaching and learning activities. Learning material was very well organized and easy to understand. It had detailed description of the assessment tasks. Suggested readings in each week related to each week’s content were very beneficial. They helped me understand the learning material in a more meaningful way. Questions given before the Twitter chat about the topic going to be discussed was really good idea of the teaching team that really helped me lot to think about them and find some relevant material so that can discuss in a better way during the Twitter chat.

The CLA toolkit did not work especially well for me. I tried my best to understand it to make it work for me but it left me confused. I dropped the idea to use it and also there was a lot to do on the blog. I wanted to concentrate on that blog to my best rather than losing my concentration and wasting time on the other things which I think I need to learn first and then starting use them.

I really found the assessment to be a very useful learning path for me. In assessment item one, everyone gave different opinions and thoughts about the same topic. This was a good learning experience, one that enhanced my knowledge of each of the set topics.

Part 4 — Reflections on the Quality of My Work

The quality of my work in this unit has been quite good. I put in a lot of effort to submit good and effective assessment pieces of work. I wanted to get good marks overall. But when I went through other student’s blogs and saw their work, commitment and participation then I realized that I need to improve. Their work in each blog post was really good the way they used critical evaluation techniques.

I felt that I did quite well in the grant application proposal. I do think that I need to better develop my English reading comprehension so I can better absorb extra material related to posts. For that to happen I need to manage my time a little more effectively.

The strengths of my work in this unit were: I posted on each activity (on time and that critically evaluated posts). My weaknesses were: Sometimes I wanted to ask different questions about weekly activities and other content and I just remained hesitant and could not make communication the way it should be.




8 thoughts on “Week14: Wrap up & Reflection”

  1. Hi Amrit, Thank you for your comments throughout the semester & it was lovely to meet you in person! Like you Twitter was a new experience & great you now feel comfortable with it. Enjoy the break, Anitra

    1. Hi Anitra, Yes, Now i am bit confident to use twitter and post my questions on twitter. I am enjoying using twitter now. I’m very glad that I meet you in person and had chat with you. Thank you

  2. Hi Amrit
    I’ve really enjoyed your posts through the semester.

    Twitter has been a learning experience for many of us but I have changed my view of it as a social communication tool because of the functionality of the #tags and @someone to direct the tweet.

  3. I agree, Amrit, that the initial positive comments and encouragement from others in the learning community really helped overcome the initial shyness and reluctance to participate. Everyone had such great ideas to share! I am glad you got so much out of the semester – I definitely feel the same.

    Best of luck in the rest of your studies.

    1. Thanks for your comment Karen. I believe that when we got positive feedback of our work in the begining it develops confidence in us to grow more and participate in a meaningful way in the community.Thank you

  4. Hi Amrit,

    I am really glad you learnt to like Twitter. It was always so much fun engaging with you in the chats. I think it’s been one of the major things I have taken away with me from this semester too. I’m also grateful that the teaching team set questions before the chats so we had things to respond to, as I think without them the chats could have been slower and more awkward.

    I hope to see you around Brisbane soon!

    1. Hi chloe, Me too very glad that I was able to meet you in person many times in the uni.It was great to see you dear. I fully agree with you that it was good idea of the teaching team to post questions before the twitter chat because we got enough time to search on them and prepared for answers. see you soon around Brisbane.Thanks

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