Hello IFN614sters!

My name is Karen.  I am just starting MIS (LIP) this semester.  My vision on graduating from this course is to work in an academic library, such as at a university campus, which is located close to my home.  In terms of superhero superpower, it just so happens that my current team name at work is the Justice League, and I chose Zatanna as my alter ego.  We share a few qualities, such as both being brunettes and having an interest in the mystical arts.  Realistically though, I think my redeeming quality is that I am a friendly person who works well with others, whether they are my colleague or my client.  I get a buzz from positive interactions with people.  On the flip side, if I could choose a superpower to have, it would be the ability to complete tasks well before the deadline – very pertinent to doing a university degree.