Interactive Online Video Tutorials

For my speed date with design thinking activity, I came up with a library product prototype to meet Belinda’s need for effective research skills and to alleviate the doubts she feels about tertiary study as a mature age student and single mum.

I felt that Belinda needed guidance in the area of effective research to help her save time and build confidence in using available technology.  My idea is:  interactive online video tutorials that are designed specifically for education students.

Videos are visual and aural, making them easy to follow.  What’s more they can be paced by the user.  Students in Belinda’s course will be of different ages and have different levels of experience, so I thought that a leveled experience is less daunting with language and tips to suit each level.  Belinda can move through the levels as she needs to with information provided in the former level revisited and expanded upon in the next.  Examples will be provided and Belinda will be given an opportunity to test her knowledge using an interactive interface.  The tutorials will be upbeat and quite brief, a maximum ofA quickly drawn prototype

20 minutes in duration to prevent boredom and getting bogged down, especially when there are so many other tasks to complete as a student and mother. In addition, the tutorial will have an instant chat box ready to answer questions at convenient times, and a suggestion and feedback form to improve the service.

I think an important element is to have an attractively designed interface – not really achieved with my quick drawing.

I’m interested in seeing the ideas you came up with and welcome any feedback on mine to generate an even better library product for Belinda.  Thanks for visiting.