Week 13: Culture and pop culture

What’s on in Week 13

Twitter chat

When Monday 24 October, 6pm – 7pm
Topic Children and teens
Twitter Chat Champions This week’s Twitter Chat Champions are:

  • Karina Rivett
  • Ashlee Brown
  • Liam Doolan
  • Jessica Haack
  • Jasmine Darlington-Rielly
  • Amritpal Kaur
  • Raveneet Kaur
  • Chloe Delaney
  • Tim Tillack
Hashtag #ifn614culturechat
Questions Q1 Libraries as cultural institutions: what role should different types of libraries have in the age of GLAM? (GLAM: Galleries, libraries, archives and museums)

Q2 When I say ‘pop culture in the library’, what springs immediately to your mind? Tell us the first words that come into your head, and then explain.

Q3 What are the big trends in pop culture right now, and how can libraries support or capitalise on them?

Q4 Does bringing pop culture into the library keep libraries relevant to young people or is it a gimmick young people see through? 

Q5 Zines: where do they fit in the collection – reference, lending? Can they be considered sources of authority? Does it depend on who the author is? 

Can’t participate in the Twitter chat? Check out the Storify archive

New to Twitter chats? Check out the post on participating in a Twitter chat.


When Monday 24 October, 7.15pm – 8pm
Where Online only: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
Topic Bringing it all together
Can’t make it to class? To access the recording of this week’s class:

  • Go to Blackboard
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Blackboard Collaborate
  • Click on the recording title Information Programs Room to play the recording

Upcoming due dates

This week

Type What When Where
Assessment Week 13 Reflection Sunday 30 October, 11.59pm Scroll down and check the activity info

Next week

Type What When Where
Assessment Wrap up and reflection on your learning in the unit Sunday 6 November, 11.59pm Scroll down and check the activity info

Things to read and watch


Read one chapter from: Smallwood, C. (Ed.). (2014). Bringing the Arts into the Library. Chicago, IL, USA: American Library Association.

Chapter 1: Making the case for cultural programming in Robertson, D. A. (2005). Cultural Programming for Libraries: Linking Libraries, Communities, and Culture. Chicago, IL, USA: ALA Editions. (This was also a reading in Week 6, so if you didn’t read it then, you should read it now!)

Pinko vs punk: A generational comparison of alternative press publications and zines in Wallace, M. K., Tolley-Stokes, R., & Estep, E. S. (2011). The generation X librarian: Essays on leadership, technology, pop culture, social responsibility and professional identity. US: McFarland & Company Inc, Publishers.

Blog post: Critical reflection activity

This week you have two posts to write: your weekly learning activity, and your reflection on your learning in the unit.

assessment-iconPost 1: Weekly learning activity (due midnight Sunday 30 October)

It’s time for another critical reflection blog post, this time on the topic of culture and pop culture.

Types of posts

You can write about whatever you want related to the topic of the week.


  • One of your activities must be a program review.
  • One of your activities must be a service review.

For your other posts, you can choose a type of activity from the list below, or you can write a critical reflection on a topic off your choosing:

  • argue a point
  • program review
  • service review
  • issues-based reflection
  • trends reflection.

For a description of the different types of posts you could write, check out the Assignment 1 page.

Argue a point of view

If you’re doing the ‘argue a point of view’ topic this week, here are some topics you might like to tackle (argue for or against the statement). It’s not a definitive list – you can choose your own topic. Please note I may not agree with all of these!

If you’re doing the ‘argue a point of view’ topic this week, you can choose from one of the following topics (argue for or against the statement). Please note I may not agree with all of these!

  • Libraries are over-reaching by engaging in activities that have traditionally been the domains of galleries and museums.
  • Pop culture programming is just a gimmick.
  • GLAMs need to collaborate to ensure healthy futures.

Post 2: Wrap up and reflection on your learning in the unit (due Sunday 6 November)

You also need to write a post on your learning in the unit.

There are four parts to this post and you’ll probably need to write 1000 words to fit everything in. We’ll give you some latitude though if you need to write a bit more, but don’t exceed 1500 words.

Part 1: Your contribution to the learning community this semester

In this part of the reflection, we want you to reflect on your contribution to the learning community this semester. In particular, we want you to think back to your Week 2 reflection, where you talked about how you wanted to participate in the learning community this semester.

We’d like you to tell us

  • what role did you want to play in the community this semester? Did you achieve that?
  • how many comments you made on your peers’ posts
  • why you commented as much as you did; what factors influenced the volume of your contributions?
  • about any trends you noticed in your activity around the site
  • what topics you talked about the most and why
  • about the quality of your contributions – the value you added to the conversations.

Where possible, you should use data to justify your claims here. How can you support your claims about your contributions to the learning community with evidence? The Connected Learning Analytics Toolkit could help you with this.

You might also like to respond to the following points, which are similar to some of the prompts from Week 2 (these prompts are optional but they might help you to write a rich reflection):

  • Did you need to modify your instinctive behaviour to engage the way you wanted to, or felt you should, engage?
  • Was it difficult or easy for you to behave the way you wanted to to or the way you thought you should?
  • Did your posts embody the characteristics you think you should have displayed in the community this semester?

Part 2: Twitter

  • How did you feel about using Twitter at the start of the semester? How do you feel about it now?
  • Did you have concerns about using Twitter, and were those concerns alleviated during the semester?
  • Did you enjoy using Twitter?
  • Did you like the Twitter chats? Do you think they aided your learning?
  • Did you use Twitter much outside of the Twitter chats? Why or why not?
  • Did using Twitter for the unit lead to you using Twitter more for other personal or professional purposes?

Part 3: Your learning in the unit

We’d like everyone to reflect on their key take-away for the unit. What is the key take-away for you in this unit – the one thing you’ve come to understand at a deep level? It might be something content related, or it might be something about you as a learner, or something completely different. Tell us about. What was it? How did it come about?

Reflect on how you learned in this unit:

  • What aspects of the approach to teaching and learning in this unit were beneficial for you?
  • What aspects didn’t work so well for you?
  • Did you find the assessment useful as learning tools? Why or why not?

Part 4: Reflect on the quality of your work

We want you to think critically about the quality of your work in this unit. Critique your own work and identify areas you did well, and where you can improve. What areas do you need to develop in, and how can you go about improving? What were the strengths and weaknesses of your work in this unit?

Note this isn’t a sales pitch! Don’t tell us you did brilliantly at everything if you really didn’t. That’s not going to get you a good grade, because it evidences an inability to evaluate the quality of your own work.

Other things to do this week

Polish up your blog posts

The second checkpoint for Assignment 1 is almost upon us! Make sure you spend some time polishing up your posts ready for marking.

Get commenting!

We’ll be assigning your participation grades at the second checkpoint, so now is the time to get in and comment on your peers’ forum posts and get involved in discussions on Twitter to maximise your mark.


  • Tim Tillack

    Just a quick reminder that I swapped Week 11 to Week 13 for Twitter chat champion 🙂

  • Ali

    Hi Kate ,
    I wanna ask you about skipping week 13 post , I have not skip any post before , can I skip this week or it’s necessary ?

    • Kate

      You’re allowed to skip one topic over the course of the semester, so as long as you have done your program and service reviews and your Twitter chat champion week, as well as a post on all topics, then yes, you can skip it. You just need to put a post up to say you are skipping the activity.

      • Ali

        yes , i was a champion in week 6, and I wrote all posts in the previous weeks . But if I skipped this week , do I need to participate in twitter chat tomorrow ? don’t I ?

  • Stephanie Harland

    Hey Kate, are we being marked on the reflection post? Or is it mostly a feedback thing for you and Clare?

    • Kate

      You’ll be marked on it – it’s one of your posts for A1.

      • Ali

        hi kate , Do we need to write a reflection about the course or the posts will be enough ?
        I didn’t find anything about reflection .!!!

        • Kate

          There is a prompt for your wrap up reflection on the Week 13 page. 🙂

  • Tim Tillack

    I have to apologise to one and all. Due to heavy work commitments, I won’t be able to join tonight’s Twitter chat, nor be one of your Twitter chat champs. That means I’ll have missed my last chance at being a live Twitter champ. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about this and hopefully it won’t penalise me as I am on off-campus students and severely limited with the time I apply to my studies. I will review the chat from the Storify compilation and write my Twitter champ post. I also haven’t been able to prepare any of my answers to tonight’s Qs.

  • Ashlee Brown

    Hi Kate, is there somewhere that will show us all our comments over the semester on everyones blog posts? I can only see the ones made on my blog post

    • Kate

      I know you found out, but I’m going to reply in case anyone else sees this. Head to Students > Student directory and click on your name in the list. You’ll see all your activity in a single feed.

  • Stephanie Harland

    I’ve just realized there’s a massive typo on here. Is this weeks blog post really due on 30th December?

    • Kate

      No, no it’s not! 30 November. Correcting it now.

      • Kate

        I mean October! This Sunday 30 October. It’s been a long day…

        • Ali

          Hi Dr, I have sent you an email at IFN614 , please check it and tell me your opinion

          • Kate

            I’ve replied, but please ask your assignment questions on the relevant assignment page on the site, rather than via email. Other people may have the same questions.

  • Kaz Wolf

    CLA toolkit – I think in my start of semester enthusiasm I messed something up. Can’t log in and retrieve data… I’d insert a meme instead, but I know that won’t cut it for the wrap up post.

  • Leela Wittmer

    I can’t seem to access the recording – i’m pretty sure i’m doing the right thing…

    • Kate

      Are you already logged into Blackboard when you try to access the recording?

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