Wrap Up – Bit of a Mess

So we’ve gotten this far in what, thirteen weeks? Well, I must say, on my end, that the journey, one that’s had its fair share of ups and downs, has been a bit of a mess for me.

My original plan had been to contribute to the learning community by making points that I felt offered a unique viewpoint. I feel that I’ve failed in that – my comment numbers were low, if any at all. I felt that I didn’t really have anything to contribute as far as commenting went –  most of the points I wanted to make were through blog posts and a few snippets in Twitter. One of the trends I did notice was that we tended to add onto each other’s viewpoints in our blog posts, though, and the Twitter posts tended to go on well after the chats. I am hoping that when I talked, I made points that offered a more unique perspective, even if people didn’t always agree with them. As for modifying my instinctive behaviour, I definitely needed to, in order to have enough confidence to come out of my shell and make a useful contribution.

Regarding my stance on Twitter, it really hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the semester. There’re barely any characters to type anything into, which I felt necessitated a return to text speak on an old flip-up phone. I didn’t feel like those concerns were really alleviated – in fact, the sheer lag involved in the Twitter chats made things worse for me, as my posts wouldn’t appear until five minutes later. That being said, though, the Twitter chats did present us the opportunity to get across our points in short snippets, even if they tended to get broken up across three parts spread out over fifteen minutes. That part of it did tend to hinder my learning until I accessed the Storify archives. No, I never used Twitter outside this unit and the chats, as the rest of my units have never needed it, and I’m not running any sort of business. I might revisit Twitter if I get my professional life on track, but for now, I think I’ll leave it.

As far as learning went, I think the activities we were challenged to complete were some of the more fun and engaging ones. I found myself applying my creativity – what little I have of it – to the activities. One of the solutions is what I’m basing my third assessment piece on. I find that even though we were given general guidelines as far as the stages were, they were rigid enough that we knew what to do, but flexible enough that we had carte blanche to accomplish it however we saw fit. The assessments were useful as learning tools insofar as they helped me develop my research proposals better – as I was doing a large project this semester, I feel that it did help somewhat in taking this unit.

If I’m to be honest with all of you and myself, I feel that as far as my blog posts went, I did manage to get my point across. As far as contributing to the learning community went? A big fat rotten egg from this odd duck. I feel that I could’ve responded to comments in a way that enriched peoples’ knowledge more, or made more comments on my peers’ posts. I feel that I did relatively okay with my assessments – I got my basic points across, but in the end, I know that I fell short of my goals, and I did so spectacularly. You ever hear of a quack doctor? Well, I guess I’m a ‘quack blogger’!

Regardless, I feel that for me, this has been a journey for me, one that I hope I can use to better myself, both personally and professionally. I’m going to make a note to myself – next time, be more outgoing, more confident and have more to say with more frequency!

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