How to export your blog’s content and put it somewhere else

Some of you might want to export your blog’s content and import it into your personal blog or your professional portfolio site. Good news! This is really easy to do.

The first step is to export your blog’s content. To do this, go to your dashboard and look for the Tools menu. Under Tools, you’ll have an Export item. Click on Export.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked what you want to export. Choose the All content option and click on Download Export File.

The next step is to import the content into your personal blog or portfolio. If your blog or portfolio is a WordPress blog, this is really easy. Just log into the dashboard of the site where you want to import the content, go to ToolsImport and choose WordPress. Follow the prompts to import your content.

The catch with this is that your images may not automatically come across. If your new blog is at, the image import process will probably happen automatically.

If you are importing the content into a WordPress site that isn’t hosted at (ie you have your own hosting), your images may not import automatically. If you only have a few images, the simplest option will be to reupload them to the new site manually. You’ll need to download them from the old site individually, which you can do by right clicking on the images and saving them somewhere on your computer.

If you’re importing your content to a platform other than WordPress, follow the steps above for exporting your content, and then do a Google search for instructions on how to import a WordPress blog to whatever platform you are using.

If you have any problems with the export / import process, you can shoot me an email.

And don’t worry: I’ll be maintaining this site so your content isn’t going anywhere! 🙂

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